Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Storm and What Came After.

What has happened to our summer?? Where has it gone? Please tell me the lovely 3 weeks we had in April were it. I need some serious sunshine.

Last week was especially bad wasn't it? On Monday night it was utterly wild. The rain and gale forced wind were horrendous our house backs onto the beach pretty much so our whole back garden was destroyed. I went out at dinner time and battened down as much as I could, removing hanging baskets and jamming the gate shut with huge pots propping up the fence with wheelie bins and tying down what I could to save it. However, on waking on Tuesday it was destruction. Part of our fence screening was burst and most of my plants and bushes destroyed. I'm pretty gutted but not repairing just yet as the weather shows no signs of improving any time soon. We still have very high winds on and off here even now. I can't face doing all the work again for it to be ruined again. I will wait for summer.

The up side of living at the seaside and storms is the aftermath at the beach. On Tuesday we packed up and headed down there all wrapped up (in winter gear again *sigh*) and full of mischief. It was low tide so not many folk around but it was still pretty windy and plenty of debris to wade around in from the storm. We had a ball. Caleb thought it was the best fun ever.

It's hard to get mad at mother nature too much when bad weather creates good days out like this one.

 We made our names in the sand for the planes overhead to see and Caleb foraged for good sticks to poke stuff with. I ran around mad in the dunes jumping around like a loon and Hubby chased after us both and photographed. Best fun.

My favourite Photo of the day. 
Crazy Fun

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