Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Our New Favourite Place

Listen up Ayrshire People. We have found the best little eatery and coffee shop 'The Secret Garden'. We were out walking a few weeks back and went to feed the ducks down by the river at Doonfoot. We took a pony track alongside the River and ended up at a Spar shop. Round the front of the shop was a little Tea Room where there was the loveliest little raised terrace above the river to sit out side on. We went in and discovered it was a girl we knew locally who had bought and renovated it. It is gorgeous. Lots of home baking, fresh made food and the nicest coffee I've tasted since I ran my own coffee shop.

Today we decided to take Caleb along again to feed the ducks and have a walk. When we arrived at the river it was raining so we headed into the coffee shop and had lunch. Soup and Sandwiches and lots of yummy sweet things. Caleb entertained the locals by singing all the songs from 'Mr Blooms Nursery' and flicking macaroni around which for some reason had everyone in stitches. (I was trying not to be disgusted but he was seriously encouraged by all the ladies in there).

After lunch the sun had come out so we headed off to feed the ducks.

We were greeted by this goose who seemed to have adopted a pair of swans like a baby. It followed the female around like it was their signet and was seriously tame, coming right up to me for a looksee.

The ducks seemed to like Caleb although when he started throwing grass at them they made a sharp exit.

Beautiful Swans came to see us too.

Daddy and Caleb bought rolls and fed the ducks but got besieged by seagulls. Vermin.

Anyway, all in all a lovely day out and a lovely lunch so big thanks to Louise at 'The Secret Garden'.

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  1. Oh that sounds lovely, looks like you had a great day out and all that yummy homemade food...perfect x


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