Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Who stole my angel????

Ok admit it...... who stole my angelic baby boy and replaced him with this little devil I now see before me????

I thought at 2.5years we were narrowly avoiding the terrible twos but apparently not. This last week he's been a terror. He squeals every time he's told off and stamps his feet. Mostly does nothing I say. Won't politely answer people just screams and refuses to speak to them. Kicks off big style at every given opportunity.

Butter wouldn't melt eh?

I'm exhausted and sometimes mortally embarrassed by this whirling dervlish I have to bodily remove from public places regularly.

If we stay in and have quiet days in just he and I he's an angel again and behaves the way I know him for but as soon as we introduce anyone else into the mix or new environments I just am guaranteed serious kicking off. I refuse to avoid going out with him though or keeping him in. We will go out and we will meet people and he better start getting used to it soon.

I suppose they all go through it and to be honest I just fancied a moan but someone tell me they 'really' do all go through it and I'm not alone in the mortification of face screaming at old ladies and ground kicking and lying on the ground in public. :o(

(p.s still bloody adore him though)

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  1. I really can't remember that far back lol. But you've just reminded me of what I've got to look forward to ;)


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