Sunday, 29 May 2011

Who did dat???

Holy moly. Wheres the time gone??? Seriously? I haven't blogged for a fortnight. Mainly due to this horrible feeling of nausea when I'm looking at the computer screen. I don't know what causes it and it's driving me bananas.

Anyway, what's been happening in those two weeks I hear you cry? (I did you know so don't deny it K?!!) Well, first and foremost my boys speaking, not just a little bit or nonsensical as it was before. Speaking proper sentences and holding conversations with me. His speech has been a concern and people always point out how behind he was. As of three days ago though he has started asking questions and pointing things out. His favourite saying is 'Who did dat?'. He loves us to answer 'I don't know who did that?' Then he rolls around laughing at himself. He also likes to ask 'Whats that?' to everything. I expect this of course and now spend all my day telling him what things are and why. Today we took him to the supermarket and as Sophie pushed him around she had to name everything on the shelves for him. He was so cute saying 'fajitas'. We stayed there getting him to name Mexican dishes for ages just to get a giggle. SO cute!

For some reason though with this new understanding of language comes the most almighty tantrums. Real screaming, writhing satanic tantrums. On Friday I took them shopping and for lunch, during which he decided to kick off because his sister wouldn't let him take his shoes off in the Mall and run wild while I paid for lunch. We promptly had to leave due to the amount of tutting and head shaking we got. Someone even said to me that my child needed a seriously sore arse while I am trying to force a rigid uncontrollable two year old into a pushchair for the quickest exit possible. Helpful much??? Er no I don't bloody think so. As soon as we left the Mall he was as good as gold and fell asleep on the way home no problem and woke a happier man.

I am trying to implement every kind of discipline with him but nothing seems to be heading the problems off in public. In the house I can just about deal with him but anywhere else and its something I can't control or deal with at all. He seems to understand that there IS no naughty step in a shopping centre or restaurant. How the hell do you deal with this other than remove them from the situation??? I really do hope it is just a phase.

The other new thing we have is toilet awareness. He constantly tells me he needs a pee pee or poo. (sorry toilet talk I know) but he still has the intense fear of the potty or toilet seat. He wont sit on either without desperately trying to cling to me. He acts like he is utterly terrified. He has never had a bad experience on them its been like that since the first time we tried him on them. We've tried chocolate while he sits or tv to distract him but nothing stops the fear. Will he be wearing nappies in a year still due to a fear of toilets??

I've also decided that I need some time out. Hubby has been told that I need at least one afternoon every fortnight off. I do everything and am happy to but I need a little bit of child free time too. I've had virtually no time off since Caleb was born. I do all the childcare, house cleaning, washing, ironing, taxi-ing, finances, DIY, shopping, cooking, everything and never ask for help. With a tantruming 2 year old and hormonal 13 year old I'm exhausted mentally and physically. I need a little rest bite. Moan over.

Well, I'm back blogging and glad to be so. Bring on the madness.

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  1. To be honest I thought his talking was really good when you came and visited. The little one will be so disappointed when she see's him next time and he's using the potty - she keeps telling me the Caleb is in nappies!


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