Saturday, 14 May 2011

A Helping Hand

My boy is a typical boy in most ways. He loves cars!!!! Right from he could hold a toy car he made the noises and plays for hours with his cars. He has bucket loads of them and too many is never enough. He loves to go to the airport and watch planes, he loves trains, he loves football, buzz lightyear, woody and cowboys. However, he also is obsessed with pretty butterflies, bumble bees, flowers, birdies and generally all things pretty and garden orientated.

Last week he helped me plant pots of flowers in the back garden and he loved helping. I have  metal fluttering Butterflies on sticks around the garden and he names them all whilst helping too. He loves being in the garden and its extremely difficult to get him inside after. He doesn't want to play out there though he loves to be involved. He's a very clever help too and doesn't once get under my feet. I give him a bowl of water and a plastic cup and he goes round watering all my pots and the strawberry patch.

Yesterday we were out for a walk at the beach and on the way back to the house we bumped into one of my friends two doors along who has just moved back into her house after renting it out for the last 6 months and she was busy sorting out the mess of a garden her tenants had left. Caleb was straight and and started helping straight away, passing her bulbs and moving the earth worms off the path so's not to get hurt. I came home and put the pushchair inside and went back to find them on the step discussing different flowers and colours. Was a lovely sight and I had to take a piccie.

The only way we got him back inside was daddy coming home and he ran to him.

He's such a little outdoor boy and loves all things nature. I love that he has so many little sides to his personality. A boys boy with a gentle side.

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  1. My boys love the garden too, we have a bug hotel at the moment filled with worms


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