Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Tinc Stationary

Product: Tinc Black Stationary.

Price: I was sent the pencil case £8.50, ipod splitter/stand £9.50 , and touchy feely paperclip holder £5.00.

Available from: www.tinc.uk.com

Suitable from: School age

Score out of 5: 4

Initial reaction: Not sure what to make of this stationary

Pros: Really modern and funky looking. Easy to handle. Looks good on desk or at school. Reasonably priced.

Cons: Bit more appealing for older kids/ adults.

Value for money: reasonable

Overall reaction: Initially I was a bit baffled by the appeal of this stationary but after a good look at the website and playing around with it we love it. The splitter for the ipod is really fun and means that both kids can listen in the car to one ipod or the dvd players. The stand is fun and my teenager loved it. The pencil case and paperclip holder look really chunky and funky. My Dad has the paperclip holder on his work desk and loves the magnetic outside and finds it cute to use. My daughter likes the pencil case especially as she can put her pens for school in and it also fits all her lunch money AND the hard outer case means she can put her phone in to keep it safe too and stops it getting lost in her school bag. All in all I'm super impressed with the Tinc stationary and will be looking on the website for more come back to school after summer.


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