Sunday, 23 May 2010

and the bad mood goes on.

I am mean and grumpy.

I spent this morning cooking for my mum's dinner party tonight. She suffers from high blood pressure but loves entertaining, so when its as hot as it is now and there's lots of people to cook for I help to stop her from getting too stressed. I made a gorgeous Italian chicken and spring veg and baby new potatoes in mint, then for dessert panacotta and summer fruit compote. It only took me an hour to throw it together but my dear Husband moaned the whole time which rubbed me up the wrong way straight away. Apparently me helping out was hindering our day together.

After lunchtime he went out for a ride on his bike and I sat out in the garden with the cats and sunbathed which was very relaxing. The cats were zonked as you can see from misti sunbathing in the picture. To be honest thought it didn't improve my mood.

Tonight I'm just as cranky as ever and its sending me nuts. :0(

I hope and pray tomorrow is better.

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