Thursday, 6 May 2010

Voting Day.

Well General Election day has arrived at last after all the hype, build up, leaders debates and bitching. Im quite excited strangely. Ive never voted before, not through choice but at the last General Election I was nearly 9months pregnant with sophie and was in Hospital with a placental bleed. It just didnt seem that important compared to what I was going through personally. I wasnt a home owner or a business owner so really didnt have much of an opinion anyway.

People always say we have a right to vote and everyones votes makes a difference, but at that time I would have been ticking a random box for not much reason really. This time round I have read every leaflet, watched every programme, am a homeowner, a parent and a wife. I think all of these factors will add to the decision of which box I tick. In the last few years our house value had slumped by over £30k, Ive been made redundant, my husbands wages have dropped substancially, we nearly lost our house last year and I have had another child. Those are all the negatives from our current goverment for us, but it wasnt all bad. Under current Labour leadership we got on the housing market, the Child Support Agency has changed its policies and I have at last recieved some maintenence after 12 years and we've had new hospitals built locally. I also appreciate that some people have prospered under Labour.

The one thing I wont do today though is vote on the past. I hate it when people bang on about 'the last time we had a Labour goverment' or the 'Maggie Thatcher' years. Neither Gordon Brown, David Cameron or Nick Clegg are those leaders and I intend to vote on their recent policies. I cant understand why people vote for a party because thats who they always vote for and who their parents voted for. To me thats a wasted vote and completely makes a mockary of the fight we had for the right to vote. Lets take their policies, read them thoroughly without predudice and vote for an improvement to our personal/working lives.

I dont care who people vote for individually but I hope everyone stands by their vote for the right reasons and whats best for them.

Good luck to all three parties and I pray tomorrow we have the right goverment whether it be a new one or an improved old one. :o)

(Hark at me!!! I'm a grown up)

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