Sunday, 16 May 2010

Wilkinsons Baby Range

I was very kindly sent a selection of products to review by Wilkinson recently from their baby range.

They consist of a baby wash, nursery surface anti -bac wipes and baby wipes, pictured here.

My favourite of the three immediately were the nursery wipes as anyone who knows me knows of my obsession with all thing sterile when it comes to Caleb and his things. They came in a really handy little pack that fitted into his changing box neatly and were great for wiping down his changing mat after use. I usually use an anti-bac spray which is bulky and cant be kept in his room. They were great and convenient too. Priced at just 77p made them even more appealing.

The baby wash smelled really lovely, almost a childhood smell I couldn't quite place my finger on but lovely and powdery for baby. Caleb has small patches of dry skin on his back I was wary of changing his wash but this one has been fine and hasn't made it any worse. At 96p its very reasonably priced too compared to its competitors. If I was to mention a downside of it though, I'd say that the bottle wasn't very easy to use one handed as the top was stiff and also the wash is very runny which made it a bit awkward, especially for very small babies as you're supporting them at the same time. Overall though for a baby Caleb's age we liked it as the smell is fab.

The baby wipes again, smelled gorgeous and were really soft. I used them in his pram bag as they were super neatly packaged. And again at 2 packs for 97p they are cheaper than the brands we usually use by a mile and definitely smelled much better too. I really couldn't find a down side to these.

Overall I'm impressed with the three items and would highly recommend both of the types of wipes and the baby wash is lovely if you go for smell and your little one is maybe of sitting up age. I think all the products definitely win hands down on price for mummys on a tight budget.


  1. Im off to Wilko's to try these! x

  2. I think I use more wipes wiping down Oli's changing mat and everywhere else then I do his bottom!!

  3. hee hee emma. thats true of me too. these are so cheap too. we dont hae wilkinsons nearby or Id get more. :o)


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