Saturday, 22 May 2010

Lazy Beach Days, a Thing of the Past?

Yesterday when we woke up it was so gorgeous outside we decided to take some sandwiches and walk along to the beach with Caleb. I stupidly had visions of him falling asleep and us sunbathing together and gazing at our slumbering creation, while he slept soundly in his pram. Oh how I was wrong. HA HA! Fool!

I gave him a bottle before we left thinking that would help and settled him with his hat and a blankie in his pram and packed a bag. We walked along and when we got there he started creating straight away. He wanted onto the sand. So we took him out and thought playing might tire him out. Nope, wrong. He got really wild and started throwing sand all over the place, at us and all over himself. He thought this was a true hoot. Then he was off and away. Lunch uneaten, we spent 2+ hours chasing him all over the sand and stopping him picking up and eating everything he found.

Eventually we brought him over and he sat with us and had some lunch and a lot of juice, in fact 4 fruit shoots roughly and some mini Cheddars. Hubby then decided to take him paddling but it was quite a walk as the tide was out. I thought I'd get some peace for a while but after the 5 minute walk down they must have paddled for 30 seconds and wandered back up. NO PEACE!!!

A lady then appeared next to us with a baby walker the same as Caleb's and that was the end of all good natured play. He wanted it and freaked out completely as we had to keep bringing him away. The lady obviously wasn't wanting his attention on her little one, which I understood, but it resulted to us being left with a screaming kicking screaming dervish. I then tried to take him down to the water again but he wasn't interested and screamed and kicked all the way down.When I brought him back up hubby put him in the pram and took him for a walk to calm him. He eventually came back with a completely sweaty sleeping baby. At which point we both collapsed in the sun and had a full hour to ourselves, by which point it had started to get a little chilly so we headed back home. Exhausted!!!!

I guess my days of lying on the beach and sunbathing in peace are well and truly gone for the foreseeable future. Deep Joy.

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