Saturday, 1 May 2010

Happiness doesnt cost a thing!

I was thinking today about the little things that make life good when you're little and how little ones dont need alot to enjoy life and have fun. Its not always the things that cost the most that make the biggest smiles.

Sophie always loved to play with magazines and paper and crayons when she was little. Even sometimes playing clap a handies for hours on end with her seemed to amuse and entertain her endlessly. Calebs loves to play with plastic cups. Granny bought him ELC stacker cups for his birthday but hes happy with any. He loves to turn them over and over, roll them
, stack them and generally just loves cups.

On Wednesday of this week we went up to my parents house and I dug out some of my nephews and Sophies old toys from their garage. We took them into the garden and he enjoyed playing in the sunshine for soem of the afternoon, but the thing that made him smile the most, was a dandilion my dad gave him to hold. He sat and pulled the petals off and tickled his face with them. I watched him with amusement and realised that the toys were a bonus, nature was the cheapest toy and the one that made him smile the most. I wish I'd caught him on camera with it but I was enjoying watching him too much. This was the little thing that made me smile alot this week. :o)

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