Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Cook School for a top night out

On Tuesday night I went to the local Cook School with my Mum and Dad for a demo and tasting night. I really had no interest in going but Mum had won two tickets in a raffle and had been told it was great fun, so she bought another ticket and Dad came too. It was a great night and I came home so full and well watered too.

We arrived at 6pm and after a quick intro by the chefs, Jason and Phil, we were taken through to the kitchen where there was food already laid out to nibble on while we watched the demo. All sorts of cured meats, tomatoes, cheeses, olives and homemade bread. We had wine and water whenever our glasses ran dry.

The chefs, did minestrone soup, mushrooms on bruscetta, bread, risotto, meatballs and salmon. which we all go to taste and then after we sat down in the dining room with smoked haddock macaroni, and panacotta with fresh berries, more wine and tea and coffee. It was fab, and at £45 a ticket well worth it as we were so well looked after.

We cant wait to go back.


  1. So you gonna cook all that for me now!! ; )
    Luv Suzy!

  2. well if you eve make it up her yes.xxxx

  3. and i cant type suzy. lol I meant if you ever make it up here. duh.x


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