Thursday, 20 May 2010

How to Celebrate Hubbys Birthday

Today was Hubby's 31st Birthday and I couldn't think how to celebrate with little cash and a baby in tow.

The thing you have to know about Ewan, my other half, is that he may have been turning 31, but he's still 5 at heart.

He loves anything that's fun and that the kids would enjoy.

So I said to him yesterday that weather permitting I had a surprise day out planned. We got up early and ready and left the house at 10am with the little one. I drove, so could go without saying where. I took him to the 'Heads of Ayr Farm Park' to see all the animals and have a picnic lunch. I thought if it kept the wee one happy then we could relax a bit. When we arrived Ewan was laughing and saying what a funny place to chose but good idea.

I had packed all his faves for lunch and some extra goodies, but first we wandered round with Caleb and we all loved it. We saw horses, meerkats, donkeys, lemur, deer, otters, rabbits at the petting corner, guinea pigs (that Caleb adored), and his favourite of all the tiny monkeys. He stood at the glass cages of the monkeys and giggled as they ran over to see him and when he hit the glass they hit back. He was in hoots.

As we went round all the different areas he wasn't shy with the animals at all, and also had a shot on the trampolines and tractors with Mummy and Daddy too. The fact that he was happy and enjoying the day meant that we could relax too. It was a really lovely day.

I think Hubby enjoyed it too, and when we got home I made him a huge dinner including panacotta with strawberries which is his favourite dessert of all time. Both kids enjoyed dinner too and even Sophie enjoyed dessert which she normally wouldn't even try.

Good day all round, but I am well and truly wiped now and settling down with a glass of wine and 'The Hurtlocker' which is Hubby's choice.

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