Sunday, 16 May 2010

Summers coming so chose a diet quick.

It suddenly struck me yesterday that summers coming fast and the weight I said this time last year I had to lose plus the rest still hasnt been shifted. PANIC!!!!!!!!

I spent the best part of last night scouring the web for the best quick fix diet as ideally I'd like to drop 2 stone asap to get back to what I was pre baby.
This photo is of me after sophie was born and I was a teeny weeny so theres no excuse of ' you've had a baby' as my husband keeps informing me. Every time I've said I'm unhappy with my weight for the last year he's told me that, and for the first few months I agreed but to be honest I was slimmer then than I am now.
I started back at the gym but am finding it really hard to keep up with not having any help with the kids other than my husband after work, and how tired I am at the end of the day. I just need a quick fix diet to kickstart me, as when I see results, I'm hoping as it has in the past, that I'll be motivated to keep it going.
I've looked at every diet going and am confuddled.


  1. I started doing the Atkins diet at the start of March and have lost almost 30 pounds. I've done all kinds of diets and this one seems to have been the easiest for me.

  2. thats great hon. Im trying the food combining diet as my friends doing it and its going great. fingers crossed it works.


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