Saturday, 22 May 2010

Mood Swings and Me.

I have had the worst day of mood swings, and I hated every second of them.
I wasn't in control of my moods at all.
I woke up happy, went to shops content, came home fed up and then turned into the female from hell.
No, its not the time of month for hormones, or that anyone did anything to cause it. It was just like that all day, right up until now it has gotten progressively worse. I hate it. This is not me!!
I cant help the raging anger or the feeling of wanting to cry or even the need to scream at nothing and no one.
How can this be so out of control?


  1. Think I might have done it. For some reason it wont let me download a picture. So I am the faceless one!!! Keep smiling hun.

  2. thank you honey. I will. Tea sorts everything. :)


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